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Dancing cadet video

This is truly hilarious…a cadet at the Air Force Academy caught dancing in his room alone. He didn’t know that his roommate had rigged up a video camera to catch it all for us to see. Most of the versions of this have been pulled down from YouTube for copyright infringement (I guess because the owners of the song complained?) but here’s the google video one. I guess one of the benefits of losing the video war is that you get to keep some cool content longer than the leader does. :)

9 Responses to “Dancing Cadet”

  1. Ohmygod, hysterically funny. Is it wrong of me to think he had some nice moves?

  2. I thought the same thing! I expected to see something a lot less slick — but the skills actually made it funnier. :) Hope you are well! Thanks for posting!

  3. very funny stuff. Who says it’s all work and no play at the Academy.

    He should be dancing back up on a video, he’s pretty fly!

  4. It’s good to have career options! Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  5. This is hysterical! The boy can definitely groove…I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve done the same thing…thank God it was never videotaped!

  6. I have too. I am just glad he didn’t enter the St. Andrews School 6th grade dance contest, otherwise the competition would have been too intense. LOL.

  7. Who said white men can’t dance.?! That’s some booty shakin’ . Thanks for sharing.

  8. That was awesome! loved it! made me laff….i do same to my ipod i hooked up to speaker-in the morning getting ready for school – am SOOOOOO glad it was never captured on utube!altho my students would love it! will sure share this with my friends–gg

  9. That cadet should audition for “Dancing With The Stars”!!
    He was great!!

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