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My good friend and former colleague Jeff Jordan just was named CEO of OpenTable, the online reservation agent for dining out. This is a huge coup for OpenTable and the beginning of a great new adventure for Jeff. I was very lucky to work with Jeff both at Disney back in the mid-1990s and then again at eBay for seven years up until last summer when we both left the company after a great experience :). He’s a funny, kind human being, and a top notch exec who values results and gets things done (just look at his track record). It’s a good sign when growth companies are selecting results-oriented executives of substance to lead them. They obviously care a lot about growth and getting things done — two of Jeff’s specialties. Congratulations Jeff and OpenTable!

If you haven’t used this service, check it out. It’s a great convenience and a terrific tool.

6 Responses to “Jeff Jordan and OpenTable”

  1. Good to see him back in the game again.

  2. So happy for Jeff!!

  3. Ditto, Randy and Shripriya! :) Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to think that the Chinese government had banned everyone from participating.

  4. I love Open Table. In fact, I tend to boycott restaurants not on Open Table. Now that Jeff is their CEO, I have even more reason to use the service.

  5. Well put, Greg!

  6. Go, Jeff, go! I’m really hoping he’ll knock it out of the park there

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